Year - 2021

Celebration of Yoga Day on 21 June,2021 at Hotel Haritha Hanmkonda.

Year - 2020

Publication of “Kakatiya Heritage” edited by Prof.M.Pandu Ranga Rao.

Cycle Rally and cleaning of Padmakshamma Gundam on 02nd October, 2020.

Conducting of online quiz program to high school students on 24th November,2020.

Year - 2019

Conducted two day National level Seminar on “Sastra Proyoga-Nritta Ratnavali” in Association with Indira Gandhi National Cultural Academy on 16th and 17th January,2019.

Establishment of Special purpose vehcle “ Pothana Smrithi Vanam Project” to built Pothana memorial at Bommera

Celebration of World Heritage Day at “Nainpaka Temple”in Jayashanker Bhupalpally District on 18th April,2019

Organised quiz competitions to High school Students on 6th September,2019

Organised Cycle Rally and Seminar on Protection of Heritage at Padmakshamma Gundam on 2nd October,2019

Conducted painting and essay writing competition on “Gandhi at 150” for High school students on 5th and 6th December-2019.

Preparation of Dossiuer to Submit to UNESCO to propose Ramappa Temple into World Heritage Sites.

Publication of Coffe Table Book on Ramppa Temple “Ramappa Temple-Crest Jewel of Kakatiya Heritage” by Prof.Chudamani Nada Gopal.

Publication and release of Kakatiya Heritage –Warangal, Palampet, Ghanpur by Prof.PhillipWogner

Year - 2018

Entering into MOU with Government of Telangana to develop Pothana Memorial at the Trust site in Bommera.

Celebration of World Heritage Day at “Ramappa Temple” Palampet, Mulug on 18th April,2018

Conducting of Cycle Rally and Seminar on Swaccha Barth and Heritage Monuments on2nd October,2018.

Conducting of painting and write up competition for High school students in association with INTACH root to root.

Reprinting of “Kakatiya Dynasty”

Year - 2017

Documentation of Ramappa Temple celebrating Sivartri at Ramappa Temple.

Celebration of World Heritage Day at Thousand Pillar Temple on 18 April,2017

Conducting of Quiz program to High School Students on 6th August 2017

Conducting of competitions for College students from 22nd September to 26th September,2017

Organised Cycle Rally and Seminar on “Kakatiya Monuments- world Heritage Monuments” on 2nd October,2017

Year - 2016

Publishing of Coffee Table Book on Madaram Jathara.

Photo exibition on Medaram Jathara From 16-2-2016 to 20-2-2016 at Medaram.

Documentation of Rock Art Site and mesolithic burials at Tadvia Mandal in the month of march 2016.

Go Heritage Run Marathon consisting of 5k, 16k, 21k to create awareness among the people about Heritage on 13 April 2016.

World Heritage Day celebrations 18 April, 2016 at someshwara Temple palakurthy warangal.

Heritage volunteer training workshop on 01 sep 2016 at New science Pg college involing 12 degree college students from diffrent parts of warangal dist.

2k Run/Cycle Rally and Seminar on Students Role in smart city & heritage on Gandhi Jayanthi day, 02 October 2016.

Year - 2015

Heritage Volunteer Training Program From 22nd December 2015.

Cleaning of Monuments by School Children on 14th November 2015.

Preparation of Nomination Dossier for Ramappa Temple to include into Old Heritage Site List.

World Heritage Day celebrations 18 April, 2015 at Urus Gutta Ranganath Swamy Temple.

Heritage India Quiz for School Children on 14 July,2015

2k Run/Cycle Rally and Seminar on Students Role in HRIDAY Program on Gandhi Jayanthi day, 02 October 2015.

Initiation of I Bagavatham at Pothana Samadhi at Bammera on 03 January 2015.

Workshop on making of Mementos for High School Children 10/03/2015.

Go Heritage Run 22/03/2015.

Year - 2014

World Heritage Day Celebrations on 18/04/2014 at Thousand Pillar Temple.

Heritage India Quiz on 09/07/14.

Social Science Teachers Training on conservation and preservation of Heritage on 19/07/2014.

Initiation of Swachh Bharath Program on Gandhi Jayanthi Day 02 October 2014.

Rally and Seminar Restoration of Kalayana Mandapam of Thousand Pillar Temple 14 November2014.

Conference of Teachers to establish heritage clubs in schools 29/12/2014.

Year - 2013

Listing of Monuments in district as per INTACH Guidelines.

Interacting with state government and district administration to build Pothana Memorial at Bommera.

Conducting of Heritage Education workshops to Junior and Undergraduate college students to make them as volunteers in protection and preservation.

Book launch of Kakatiya Dynasty the Golden Age of Telugu Civilization by Birad Rajaram Yajnik on 15/04/2013 by his excellency the Governor of A.P Sri.E.S.L.Narasimhan of Hyderabad published by Kakatiya Heritage Trust.

Book launch of "Nritta Ratnavali" (Translation from sanskrit to english) a dance treatise of kakatiya times at New Delhi by sri Jayapal Reddy,Honourable Minister for science & technology at New Delhi on 27/03//2013.

Year - 2012

Celebrating World Heritage Day on 18/04/2012 at Thousand Pillar Temple and Interacting with the ASI on restoration works of Thousand Pillar Temple Kalyana Mandapam.

Organized Cycle Rally and Seminar on Irrigation Technology of Kakatiyas on 02/10/2012.

Opening of Year Long Celebration of KAKATIYA Festival on the occasion of 800 years of consecration of Ramappa.

Organised Heritage Education programmes in schools.

World Heritage celebrations in 1000 pillar Temple.

Construction of approach road from temple to Potana Samdhi at Bammera in collaboration with NSS unit of new Science Degree College,Warangal.

Commencement of Kakatiya Festival December 20, 2012 to December 2013 Kakatiya Heritage Trust co-sponsored the same and participated activity.

Year - 2011

Publication of Heritage Education kit in bilingual form (English,Telugu) conduct of Heritage Education training program for teachers of warangal by INTACT,Delhi HECS Division.

World Heritage celebrations at Ghanpur group of Temples at mulugu Ghanpur.

Construction of approach road from temple to Potana Samdhi at Bammera in collaboration with NSS unit of new Science Degree College,Warangal.

Year - 2010

Purchase of 4 acre 30 guntas of land with well filled by saint poet Potana at Bammera village, May 2010.

Constitation of stearing committes of stake holders for the promotion of Kakaktiya Heritage as world Heritage sites through G.O.N.O 415 date 01/05/2010 on kakatiya monuments to world Heritage.

Organised cycle rally and Seminar by the college students of warangal on oct 2,2010

Year - 2009

Celebration of world heritage day along with Seminar on Construction Technologies of Kakatiyas with special emphasis on Thousand Pillar Temple.

Interacting with the ASI and NITW on restoration works of Thousand Pillar Temple Kalyana Mandapam.

Organized Seminar on Renovation and Restoration of Kakatiya Monuments.

Young INTACH activities are being taken up in various schools with the cooperation of D.E.O. Warangal.