The Kakatiya Heritage Trust is nonprofit trust that endeavours to preserve, promote, protect and propagate the contribution made by the Kakatiyas to Telugu culture. The Kakatiya Heritage Trust was founded in February 1989 by Sri B.V. Papa Rao (I.A.S Retd) and Professor M. PanduRanga Rao (Ph.D.)




B.V.Papa Rao who hails from Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh joined the Indian Administrative Service (I.A.S) in 1982 and served with Governments of Assam and India for 17 years.He then joined the United Nations Organization in 1999.

Served seven years in Post -war Kosovo as a member of United Nations. He established and headed the Culture Ministry of Kosovo. During this tenure, Mr Rao revamped the old Communist administered heritage institutions like the Protection of Monuments institution in Kosovo, into Modern Heritage Institutions with the help of Council of Europe and the UNESCO.

Mr. Rao was also instrumental in developing the Heritage Policy of Kosovo in the after math of destruction about 100 mosques and 100 churches. He negotiated some of the most difficult agreements between the Orthodox Serbian Church and the Albanian Muslim dominated Kosovo government on restoration of damaged cultural properties. During this time UNESCO nominated three monuments from Kosovo as World Heritage Sites.

Mr. Rao whose life’s passion has been to protect and preserve cultural heritage and history and conceived the idea of preserving and promoting Kakatiya Heritage in Warangal district.



Prof. M. PanduRanga Rao is a retired Professor of National Institute of Technology in Warangal. He has contributed richly to water resources management, heritage conservation, education sector, and health care.

Professor Rao has played a pivotal role in tackling the acute drought situation during 1972-73 and in solving the drinking water crisis in Warangal Municipal Corporation for the last four decades Honorarily.

He has been advising Govt of Andhra Pradesh on irrigation project and wrote book on "Impact of Babhali and eleven other projects on sri ramasagar projects and socio economic implications for Telangana".He has also earned several awards such as the award for ‘Meritorious Service’, ‘Republic Day Honour’, and ‘Independence Day Honour’.

Professor Rao has also played an important role as the convener of INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) for twenty five years and was instrumental in preserving several archaeological sites in India. He has also published several books some of which are ‘Engineering and Technological Achievements during Kakatiya Period’, ‘Hands on Heritage’ and ‘Utilization of Godavari Waters in a New Millennium’. He is the editor of proceedings of the national seminar on "Irrigation Technology of Kakatiya's".

Professor PanduRanga Rao is also a social activist who has left an indeligable mark on conservation and preservation of Kakatiya History and Monuments.