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  • The temples are now being renovated by the Dept. of Archaeology. The Ghanpur group of temples, comprising 22 temples constructed within a double walled stone enclosure contains a veritable museum of Kakatiya art and architecture. Among the group of temples, the main temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, is the most attractive.
  • The main attraction is of the Sabhamandapa porches. Mythical figure brackets such as Gaja-Kesari, Half human-Lion form riding on elephant, Horse-head Lion back on elephant are arranged under the eaves of some porticos. To the north of the main temple is another temple dedicated to Siva, which is an exact replica of the main temple.
  • To the south of the main temple is a pillared mandap whose central ceiling is decorated with different kinds of motifs. There are more than nineteen sub temples each consisting of a garbhgriha and antarala, placed around the main temple. Luxuriant vegetation serves as a beautiful backdrop to the temples and the visitor is overwhelmed by the beauty of the ancient temples amidst the tall and lofty palms